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Support Matters

A poem for non-voters - Nov 2, 2020

Hello, random viewer from somewhere on the web.
Today we won’t be talking bout the blues or bout the reds.
Just take a minute; park your car, adjust the pillows on your bed.

This post’s more entertaining than any article on this you’ve read:

I’m a seventeen-year-old scriptwriter and musician

From somewhere in the US: but I didn’t do this on commission.
This year, I can’t vote. I’m still out here on a mission.
Not to pull a poetry slam, but man, these
Rhymes are gonna make you listen:


These last four years have brought a lot of problems, may I provide them?

We see a color and spit on each other, whatever happened to “sisters, siblings and brothers”? Why are we “othered”?Don’t we all come from the same mother?

How am I meant to keep my cool
When I’m still afraid of dying at school?
I know I’m not in class NOW, I’m not a fool:
But using Corona to say “there’s no problem” is incredibly cruel.

Great Depression 2.0, economic recession is on the go. I’m under the impression there will be no Guarantee that the pressure will come to a slow.

This is a world-defining age,
Every month of this year gets a history book page.
After November you’ll have to say
What side of the problems YOU decided to take.

What are the stances you promote?
Stick to your values and give them an oath.
I’m saying all this to the people that won’t:
Get off your butt and get ready to vote.

It’s gonna be worth the wait in line,
Just use your citizen-given right.
The idea that your vote won’t matter is purely a lie:
Elections are coming. It’s time.

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