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4: Pitching It

I wanted to pitch Wannabes to be the winter Senior Show for when I was a senior in high school.  My director wanted to see some examples of my work, as well as a draft of the script.  With the help of vocalists at Berklee and dancers/movers in my high school drama club, we put together a series of choreographed videos to demos of five songs from the musical. We ended up getting the thumbs up!

The scribbles on the sheets of paper you're seeing show my thought process when it comes to song selections and how to cast the choreography roles, back when I had a lot more name characters.  There is also a song list that shows titles that have come and gone in the canon of the show.  You're going to have to pretend you didn't see "Empty Chairs, Empty Tables" as a song title.  In my defense, I had not listened to Les Miserables in its entirety at this point.  You can see how I'd arrive at that title On My Own though.  (See what I did there?)

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