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2: Original Storyline

When I was writing the first draft, I got very caught up with what the characters went through outside the timeline of the show and as adults.  Originally, the musical was bookended by an adult Ben being the Greenhill librarian and telling his story to a kid that attends the school in the future, but that idea was scratched before the first production even happened.  Another old idea that definitely didn't age well was my treatment of the ensemble.  I gave them all individual names and stories so that actors wouldn't feel smaller for playing those roles, but I ended up losing the significance behind having a chorus that works as a unit.  Believe it or not, I didn't change this aspect until the version I'm writing right now in 2024.  Take a look at how 16 year old Al organized their thoughts.  Me now is rather embarrassed, but I'll take it as a sign of growth.

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