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3: Diving In

I have always had a tendency to hyperfixate on the things I'm passionate about.  From the moment I began writing it, Wannabes had a chokehold on me.  The first image you're seeing is me sitting at a windowsill while composing music for the score.  This was definitely during a family trip, for which I was definitely supposed to be relaxing or taking a break.  I'd open my computer, and what felt like minutes of work was hours gone by.

This second image is what I put on my door while working on screening/pitch materials to see if my high school would accept the show as my senior project.  I wanted to stay focused, so I harbored myself in my room for an entire weekend just to finalize a draft of the script and score.  What I mean by this is, I wrote a full draft from start to finish in two days.  I wish I had that kind of stamina now.  This is a pretty funny way of asking for privacy.  I've always taken myself a bit too seriously, haven't I?

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