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Shaping The Clouds Fundraiser 2023

Five years after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School, we are met with a staggering minimum of 39 mass shootings in the month of January 2023 alone.

The song "Shaping The Clouds" personifies the process of deep loss and grief.  As organizations such as March For Our Lives, Change The Ref, Orange Ribbons for Jaime, and Safe Schools for Alex continue to fight for better gun legislation, Wannabes turns our focus to relieving the families of recent victims from hospital and funeral expenses, and in honoring their lost loved ones.

This year, the Shaping The Clouds Fundraiser raises money for:

Muoi Ung Memorial Fund

LiLan Li Funeral Expenses

Arielle Diamond Anderson Memorial Fund

Why do you donate?

Knowing what motivates your participation in our fundraisers helps us make a difference.

If You Can't Donate...

Listen to the Original Recording Cast of Wannabes

All money made from streams will be added to the donation total.


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