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Shaping The Clouds Fundraiser 2022

On the week before Valentine's Day of 2022 we host our second annual Shaping The Clouds Fundraiser to raise money for Parkland organizations that rose up to fight for gun reform in the #NeverAgain movement, and to join them in remembering the lives that were lost in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as a result of senseless violence four years ago on February 14th, 2018.

This year, the Shaping The Clouds Fundraiser raises money for:

March For Our Lives

Change The Ref

Orange Ribbons for Jaime

Safe Schools for Alex


STC Fundraiser: 2022 Events

This year's main event is a video special made by Wannabes performers and creators that you may recognize from our shows!  You can anticipate performances from...


"Never Again"

Ana Hiciano

De Gongora

IMG_8493 2.heic


Celine Athan &

Emily Stuart



(Animatic Outtake)

Hila Tor


"Shaping The Clouds"

Sarah Hiciano

De Gongora


Raffle For Prizes!

In this year's fundraiser, you can win a prize!  Donate any amount through our website, and we will add your name to our raffle for prizes to be revealed on Wednesday, February 9th!

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